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Dress Code: Funeral

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  1. The atmosphere at a Catholic funeral is typically somber and respectful, so people should dress accordingly. For the Catholic c hurch, that is interpreted as black, semi-formal clothing. Men should wear a suit and tie or at least a sports coat and tie. Women should wear a black skirt or dress or pantsuit.
  2. Aug 22, - The ultimate guide to appropriate funeral outfits for women. The big do's and don'ts for what to wear at a funeral or memorial service. Find an online shopping guide for funeral clothes, funeral attire etiquette, and examples of appropriate funeral outfits. See more ideas about Funeral attire, Funeral outfit, Funeral pins.
  3. If you are unsure how to dress, think about what you would wear to an office job interview and wear that. Ladies may wear a sleeveless dress with a tailored jacket, sweater, or shawl over it. A pantsuit or dress pants and a jacket are now acceptable for funerals.
  4. An obituary is a good place to make funeral dress code requirements clear. Because obituaries tend to be longer and more involved than a funeral announcement, you can give your reasons. Maybe the deceased wanted everyone to show up in black tie, or you’d like to do a tribute by having everyone wear something purple.
  5. Sep 11,  · Hi all, I would like to get your input on this topic. In Ireland, in recent years, it seems that many people have abandoned the traditional “black” dress code when attending a funeral. Now, many may be seen dressed up to the nines as though going to some function or party. I am saddened by this development and see it as crass and disrespectful.
  6. A black, gray, or navy conservative-cut suit is a perfect choice for a funeral. Regardless of the suit you choose, you should wear a crisp white collared shirt with a tie. Avoid loud colors. If you are a hat wearer, feel free to wear one to the funeral. A nice fedora style is a great fetenrotimbcarrest.compcursihowcofirtevimimemalmbirth.infoinfo: Robin Bickerstaff Glover.
  7. Mar 01,  · Black dress shoes or flats are a good option. A nice pair of dark green, navy blue, gray, or black flats or dress shoes are always a great option for a funeral. If it's not a super formal funeral, dark-colored tennis shoes or converse sneakers can also work. Always err on the side of 88%(55).
  8. Although you might think you can dress up the denim look by adding a nice blazer, jeans are jeans and they will never pass as appropriate funeral attire. DO: Wear a Dress Shirt and Tie in Neutral Colours. The best choice for a funeral is a classic white or light-grey shirt .

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